How does a lavalier microphone work?

Hoe werkt een dasspeld microfoon? MOJOGEAR

The audio of a video is just as important as your shots. The quality of the internal microphone of your smartphone is often quite bad. Therefore, it is essential to use an external microphone for making a professional video with your smartphone. With a lavalier microphone you can easily make high-quality sound recordings. But how does a lavalier microphone work? In this blog we will tell you all about it. No time to read? Watch this video.

What is a tie clip microphone?

A tie clip microphone, also called a lavalier or pin microphone, is ideal for recording high-quality sound during an interview, presentation or recording a vlog. Nowadays you also see them appearing more and more often in TikTok videos. This small microphone is unobtrusive and easy to use. Attach the clip-on microphone to your clothing, then connect the microphone to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and you are ready for your recording.

How do you place the lavalier microphone correctly?

You can easily attach a tie clip microphone under or on your clothing with the clip. The microphone is close to the face, for nice isolated sound, and you can hide the microphone well. Before shooting, think about your clothing so that you can properly attach the tie clip. We recommend wearing a blouse, jacket or T-shirt with a lower neck. You hide the microphone wire under your clothes. Tape the wire to your clothing with some tape so that it stays in place.

For the best sound, the position of the microphone is important. The ideal distance between the sound source, your mouth, and the microphone is approximately the distance between your little finger and your thumb. Most lavalier microphones have an omnidirectional polar pattern, which means that the microphone picks up sound well from all sides. So you don't have to speak directly into the microphone to record the sound properly.

Before starting your recordings, test whether the sound is being recorded properly by tapping the microphone or blowing into it. The sound must be clearly audible. Based on your test recording, you can position the microphone a little higher or lower to ensure that you make the best sound recording.

Tip: Would you like to listen back to your (test) recording? Please make sure that the tie clip microphone is no longer connected to your smartphone. If the microphone is still connected, you cannot listen to the sound again. This can save you a lot of stress and time 😉

How do you connect a tie clip microphone?

There are various types of lavalier microphones with different connection options. You can connect the lavalier microphone to your smartphone via a USB-C or Apple Lightning connection, 3.5mm connection or via a supplied transmitter of a wireless microphone set.

With a USB-C or Apple Lightning connection , you can connect the microphone directly to your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The advantage of this is that you do not need an adapter cable. With a tie clip microphone with a 3.5 mm connection, it is necessary to use an adapter cable if your smartphone, tablet or laptop does not have a 3.5 mm connection. This is mainly the case with newer smartphone models. You determine the sound via your smartphone.

You can also easily attach a tie clip microphone to a wireless microphone set . Connect the pin microphone to the transmitter. Then connect the receiver to your smartphone or camera and control the sound via the transmitter.

To ask?

Hopefully, after reading this blog article, you have learned more about using the tie clip microphone. Do you have any questions or are you looking for help choosing the right microphone? Ask your question below or contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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