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Want to buy a gimbal?

Have you had enough of unstable smartphone images? Then a Gimbal is the tool for you. A Gimbal is a smartphone, GoPro, or camera holder that stabilizes itself. This allows you to shoot the best images without any worries, anywhere you want. Gimbals use smart sensors and motors to counteract unwanted movements; they can counteract both large and small movements. Thanks to the handy phone holder on the Gimbals, you can easily attach your smartphone to the Gimbal. Your smartphone is firmly attached, so that even during extreme sports such as snowboarding or mountain biking, your phone or GoPro is safely secured. Are you a vlogger or just an enthusiastic hobbyist? Then a Gimbal can take your images to the next level.

Smartphone stabilizer

Many smartphones have a mediocre camera stabilization function, which can make your footage look very jittery. This is where the Gimbal comes in very handy. The Gimbal ensures that you no longer have to pay attention to stability while filming. The Gimbal automatically stabilizes all movements you make. Gimbals do this very well with small vibrations, but also larger movements. Due to the universal clamps on Gimbals, the Gimbals are compatible with any phone up to 9cm wide. So you can safely use the Gimbal for your iPhone or Samsung phone.

Gimbal for iPhone

The new iPhones often have good built-in stabilization for their smartphone cameras. Then you may of course wonder why you would buy a Gimbal for a newer iPhone such as the iPhone 15, iPhone 14 or iPhone 13. There are Gimbals that do more than just stabilize your images, making them still of added value for smartphones. with good image stabilization. For example, the Hohem Isteady M6 & Hohem ISteady XE have smart AI facial tracking. This allows you to place the Gimbal on a tripod and the Gimbal will automatically follow your face while filming. This means you will never accidentally walk out of frame while filming.

Multifunctionality of Gimbals

The main function of a gimbal is of course to stabilize your recordings. But Gimbals also have other functionalities. This means it can simply be used as a compact selfie stick. But an even more useful feature of the Hohem ISteady M6 is the large battery, so it can also be used as a power bank for your phone. This means you are no longer dependent on your phone's battery while recording.

Take your gimbal with you when you travel

The smartphone Gimbals within our range are both compact and lightweight. They weigh between 300-600 grams. This makes it easy to take a Gimbal with you in your backpack during a city trip or backpacking trip. The Gimbals also fold up, so they take up very little space in your bag, so you can shoot stable and quiet images even when you are discovering beautiful new places.

What should you pay attention to when buying a Gimbal?

  1. The most important thing to look out for while buying a Gimbal is its compatibility. There are many Gimbals that are made for different devices. There are Gimbals for Phones, but also Gimbals that are specifically made for cameras or GoPros. All Gimbals at MOJOGEAR are specifically designed for smartphones.
  2. In addition, gimbals have a maximum weight they can carry. If you want to use a gimbal to stabilize your smartphone, this will often not be a problem. However, it is always good to pay attention. If you want to use a gimbal for a camera, this becomes a lot more relevant.
  3. It is also important to think about how long you want to film with the Gimbal, because Gimbals naturally work on a battery. Suppose you want to record for a very long time without charging, the battery may become empty. For example, the Hohem ISteady XE has a battery life of 8 hours, while the Hohem ISteady M6 has a battery life of 18 hours. The Hohem ISteady M6 is of course also a bit more pricey.
  4. Finally, you should consider whether you want to use accessories in combination with your Gimbal. For example, you can attach a magnetic light to many Gimbals if you want to film in the dark or simply need some extra lighting for your recordings.

Gimbals in our range

At MOJOGEAR we have the Gimbals from Hohem, of which we have 5 different Gimbals. A regular Gimbal, the Hohem iSteady XE and a Gimbal kit that includes an LED light: Hohem iSteady XE Kit . We also have premium versions, these are the Hohem Isteady M6 and Hohem ISteady M6 Kit . Finally, we also have the Hohem ISteady V2S.

Gimbals from Hohem

Hohem has been making revolutionary Gimbals since 2014. Thanks to the smart sensors and motors, the Hohem Gimbals create very stable and quiet images, even when you are on rough terrain. The innovative AI tracking is also one of the best on the market, so you always have an overview of what you want to film. 2 million customers in 140 different countries have already purchased a Hohem Gimbal.

If you need advice on which Gimbal suits you best, read our blog or contact our customer service.