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Are you looking for extra pop shields for your (pin) microphone or an adapter cable to connect a microphone to your smartphone? View our range of microphone accessories here.

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What can you use microphone accessories for?

As a content creator, a good microphone is indispensable for making high-quality audio recordings. But did you know that there are plenty of microphone accessories available that can improve your recording quality and ease your creative process? In this article, we'll discuss some of the most essential microphone accessories that can help content creators take their sound to the next level.

Different types of microphone accessories

  1. Pop filter : A pop filter is a screen that you place in front of your microphone to reduce unwanted pops and breathing noises. This allows you to make clear and professional-sounding recordings without annoying noise.

  2. Microphone arm : A microphone arm, also known as a boom arm or microphone stand, is an adjustable arm to which you can attach your microphone. This allows you to easily position the microphone for optimal recording quality and comfort while recording.

  3. Reflection filter : A reflection filter, also known as a partition or absorption screen, is placed behind the microphone to reduce unwanted reflections and ambient noise. This gives you clearer and more isolated sound recordings.

  4. Extension Cables and Adapters : Make sure you always have the right audio and charging cables on hand. This can make the difference between a smooth recording session and unnecessary interruptions. Examples of this are the Apple lightning to mini jack adapters or USB-C to mini jack adapters.

  5. Pop hood : A pop hood is similar to a pop filter, but fits directly on the microphone itself. It helps minimize plosive sounds, such as 'p' and 'b' sounds, for even better sound quality.