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With our camera bags, organizers & storage covers you can take your camera, phone, cables and accessories with you protected. With an organizer you ensure that you never forget your charger to work again. With a camera bag you protect your video gear when traveling or on the way to a shoot. In ourselection aid for bagswe will help you choose a suitable bag.

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Different types of bags

The right bag is essential to optimally protect and take your camera and gear with you. When buying a suitable bag, it is important to determine what you want to put in it and where you want to take the bag. Do you want to take your laptop with you to the office every day and safely protect it against scratches and bumps? Or do you want to take your camera or vlog kit and associated accessories with you to a shoot or when traveling? Below we describe the different types of bags from our range.

Camera bag

With a camera bag you can take your equipment and accessories with you easily and safely. This way you prevent damage and optimally protect your gear, even during a rain shower. In addition, a camera bag ensures that you always go out prepared. A good camera bag has handy compartments and straps for various accessories such as a power bank, memory cards, cables, batteries or LED light.

Camera bags come in different shapes and sizes. If you are going on a winter sports holiday or a day in nature with a GoPro or other action camera, a compact vlogging gear organizer is very useful. But do you have an SLR camera with a large lens that you travel a lot with? Then a comfortable camera backpack is probably the best choice.

If you are going on a city trip with your vlog kit, a (crossbody) sling bag may be a better choice. You can often store some extras in a sling bag, such as a water bottle or umbrella. So think carefully in advance about which camera and accessories you want to store in the bag and where you expect to take your bag.

An organizer is ideal if you want to safely take cables and digital accessories with you to work or when traveling. For example, with an organizer you can store cables and prevent them from getting tangled or damaged. In addition, an organizer is also very useful to keep your accessories in one place, so that you never forget your charger again. An organizer is often compact, making it easy to fit in a backpack, travel bag or suitcase.

Storage cover for (action) camera

A storage cover serves as extra protection for your camera. It is a compact case that is often tailor-made for your camera, such as the storage case for GoPro shown here. So there is only room for your camera. There is no room for additional accessories. You can use a storage cover if you want to store your camera in your backpack, for example.

Which material provides suitable protection?

Most bags are made of nylon, artificial leather or polyester. Bags made of nylon and polyester have approximately the same properties: strong, dimensionally stable and scratch and impact resistant. Nylon bags are stronger, more stretchy and the fabric has a 'natural' shine. In contrast, nylon bags deform more quickly when heated than polyester bags. Polyester bags dry quickly, but are stiffer and less breathable.

To optimally protect your digital accessories against shocks and impacts, we recommend hard case organizers or storage covers. EVA stands for Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate and has ruber-like properties when it comes to softness and flexibility. The EVA foam in hardcase bags provides extra protection.

Our bags, organizers and storage covers are also splash-proof. This keeps your equipment protected during a rain shower or when you accidentally knock over your glass. Be careful during heavy showers, as most bags and organizers are not up to the task.

Buying the right bag

Hopefully the above information gives you a better idea of ​​the different bags and helps you make a choice. We understand that your choice also depends on price, quality and that you are curious about the opinions of others before making a purchase. Take a look at the options and read other people's experiences with the bags in our range.