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View our range of GoPro selfie sticks here. Suitable for various GoPro models, but also for action cams from other brands. Whether you're an experienced adventurer or just looking for the perfect way to capture your travel experiences, our selfie sticks are the ideal companion.

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Why a GoPro selfie stick?

With a GoPro selfie stick you can easily attach your camera and set it at the perfect angle for the best selfies and group photos. Whether you're hiking in the mountains, surfing the waves or just having a day out with friends, selfie sticks provide the versatility and stability you're looking for to capture your moments.

Choose a compact and portable selfie stick that's perfect for travel, or get an extra-long selfie stick to simulate drone footage.

With a GoPro selfie stick you are no longer limited to standard selfies. You can capture unique perspectives such as overhead shots, panoramic views and even action shots while filming yourself. It's the perfect accessory to bring your adventures to life.

Take a look at our collection of GoPro selfie sticks and choose the perfect companion for your adventures. Capture your travel experiences like never before and share your most memorable moments.

Different types of GoPro selfie sticks

We have 2 different groups of GoPro selfie sticks in our range. One group are the tripods that you can also use as selfie sticks, for example the Ulanzi MT-44 , which can be extended to 146cm. We also have standard selfie sticks, such as the MOJOGEAR selfie stick that can be extended up to 160cm.

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