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See below our range of (waterproof) cases and housings that protect your camera against scratches and bumps.

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Protect and enhance your GoPro recordings with our cases and housings

Enter the world of high-quality video production, where every detail of your footage is crucial. If you're a passionate content creator who works with a GoPro, you undoubtedly understand the value of robust protection and the ability to film in a variety of conditions. In this category of GoPro cases and housings, we offer the perfect solution to protect your camera and increase the versatility of your recordings.

Different types of cases and enclosures

We have various cases and housings for GoPros in our range. For example, we have a waterproof housing for GoPros. This housing is waterproof up to 50 meters. This means you can still take beautiful pictures while diving. We also have cases that protect your GoPro against scratches, such as the silicone protective case for GoPros.

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Why are GoPro cases and housings important?

GoPro cases and housings play an essential role in the world of video production, and here's why:

  1. Protection from Elements : Whether you're filming in rain, snow, dust or underwater, our cases and housings provide a safe barrier against the elements. Your GoPro stays protected, and your footage stays clear.

  2. Depth and Durability : Our waterproof housings are indispensable for underwater recording. They allow you to shoot at depths that would otherwise not be possible, and they protect your camera from water damage.

  3. Stability and Safety : Our cases and housings provide stability and protection for your GoPro, even in rough conditions. You can film without worry, knowing that your camera is safe.