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We offer large and small tripods with fixed legs for extra stability. Buy a tripod separately or in a set (KIT) with phone holder, microphone, LED lamp or other accessory.

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What is a fixed tripod?

A fixed tripod is an indispensable tool for capturing razor-sharp images. By providing stability, it eliminates motion blur, which is essential for high-quality photography and videography.

Choosing the right fixed tripod

When selecting a tripod , consider its height, weight, and compatibility with your camera. A durable and easily adjustable model increases your efficiency and comfort while shooting. For example, we have tripods with lighting: Ulanzi Topshot overhead Ring lamp with tripod Ring-10 or 2 in 1 tripods that can be both a monopod and a tripod: MOJOGEAR 177cm 2-in-1 tripod: tripod & monopod .

Why a fixed tripod?

Using a fixed tripod not only improves image quality, but also allows you to experiment with long exposures, resulting in creative effects such as smooth water movements or light streaks in night photography.