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A video rig is a housing that allows you to shoot more stable images with your smartphone or camera. In addition, a video rig gives you the option of connecting additional accessories such as a video light or microphone. There are various video rigs - from plastic to metal or with a built-in power bank, for example. On this page you will find our different video rigs.

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What is a video rig?

A video rig is a phone holder with two handgrips and many connection options for accessories. Rigs are equipped with cold shoe mounts. For example, you can mount an LED lamp and microphone on the mounts to provide your videos with better light and sound. Most rigs also fit perfectly on a tripod. Ideal for making stable images. There is usually a 1/4 inch screw connection on both the top and the side. This allows you to film both horizontally and vertically.

Does a rig help create stable images?

A rig makes it easier to hold your phone. You clamp your phone firmly in the phone holder. This ensures stability. Thanks to the two levers on both sides of the rig, you can then gradually move your phone while filming for beautiful pan shots or tilt shots. A rig is also easy to tighten on a tripod. A rig often has multiple and different types of connection options such as cold-shoe mounts and 1/4 inch screw connections. Thanks to the two handles on both sides of the rig, you can firmly clamp your phone or camera. Rigs often have anti-slip rubber, which allows you to clamp your phone firmly and prevent scratches.

The benefits of a video rig

Using a rig therefore provides extra stability and makes it easier to shoot images by hand. In addition, a major advantage of using a rig is that you can connect multiple accessories thanks to the many connection options. For example, add a video light for better light or a microphone for better sound. Another advantage is that you protect your camera or phone against scratches and bumps.

Buying the right video rig

Hopefully the above information gives you a better idea about video rigs and their benefits. Looking for a suitable video rig? Take a look at the options and read other people's experiences with the rigs in our range. Would you like some more information? Please feel free to contact us for advice.