Beste reistips voor op vakantie

Best travel tips for holidays

The holiday season is coming again. This is often a pleasant and relaxing period, but it can of course also be stressful. When you go on holiday you have to...

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Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?

Wat geef je iemand die op reis gaat?

Ken je iemand die binnenkort op reis gaat? Het maakt niet uit of dit een lange wereldreis of gewoon een paar weken zonvakantie is. Er zijn een aantal cadeaus die...

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Wat is USB-C?

What is USB-C?

USB-C is the smaller, faster and improved version of USB-C and USB-A. USB-C is slowly becoming the standard for all electronic devices. Regulations have also recently been introduced in the...

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Zonvakantie paklijst: Wat neem je mee op vakantie?

Sun holiday packing list

Are you going on holiday to the sun again soon? To ensure that you can go on holiday without any worries, we have put together a complete packing list. This...

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Top 5 Beste powerbanks

Top 5 Best Power Banks

When you are looking for a power bank, you will see that there are many different options. This can make it difficult to find the best power bank for you....

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Festival paklijst

Festival packing list

The festival season is around the corner again. Several (weekend) festivals will take place again soon. To ensure that you have the best possible festival experience, we have put together...

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Wat is een gimbal en hoe werkt het?

Stabilize your video images with a gimbal

Imagine: you were on an epic solo trip where you decided to capture the sunrise on a mountaintop after hours of hiking, but the combination of exhaustion and excitement resulted...

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Beste smartphone camera's voor onder €500

Best smartphone cameras for under €500

Whether you are a professional vlogger or just enjoy photography, a good camera is a must. Not everyone has space or budget for an expensive photo camera. Fortunately, smartphone cameras...

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