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Light is essential to create beautiful images and video recordings. It is important to create the most ideal lighting conditions and an LED lamp comes in handy for this. We offer LED video lights for different situations and applications: table lamps, ring lights and camera lights. Need help making the right choice? Read ourselection aid when buying an LED lamp for video lighting.

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Selection aid LED lamp for video lighting

What is an LED video light?

When recording a video, it is important that there is continuous light. Unlike photography, where you often use a flash to illuminate your setting. The most important property of a video light is that it continuously shines light. An LED lamp is a popular video lamp thanks to its multifunctionality and economy. An LED video light is energy efficient, has a long lifespan and remains cool. Handy if you don't want an overheated set. In addition, it is an efficient lamp. With an LED lamp in your pocket, you can influence any lighting situation thanks to the adjustable color temperature and brightness. This way you have full control over your light settings.

What are the differences in video lighting?

There are various video lights for different situations. For example, a mini LED lamp is compact and ideal to take with you if you work outside the home a lot. A desktop lamp is suitable for live streams or during video calling. Here we describe the advantages and disadvantages of different lamps and what you can use them for.

Mini LED lamp

A mini LED lamp is compact, lightweight and therefore ideal to take anywhere. This way you can add some extra light to your images in any situation. Mini LED lamps often have an adjustable color temperature and brightness. The color temperature of the MOJOGEAR Multi Color Mini LED Lamp can be adjusted from 3100K (warm) to 5500K (cold) with a maximum light intensity of 750 lumens. MOJOGEAR's Mini LED lights have a cold shoe mount and 1/4" inch screw hole, allowing you to easily attach the light to a camera, tripod or phone holder .

Ring lamp

A ring lamp is characterized in particular by its spread and even lighting. The circular lamp spreads the light evenly, causing hardly any shadow. Choose an RGB ring lamp if you want more colors than just white and yellow light to create a creative lighting situation. Ring lights are perfect for portrait and macro photography, close-ups, but also when recording make-up tutorials or TikToks.

LED lamp for video calling

If you spend some hours on online video meetings, you know all too well that it is not that easy to get nice lighting. An LED lamp can help you with this, so that you are always well lit. You can easily attach an LED lamp with a suction cup to a laptop, monitor or other surface. Set the color temperature and brightness and you are ready to shine at your next online meeting.

Desktop lamp/table lamp

With many desktop lamps or table lamps you can adjust the height and determine the brightness and color temperature. This way you protect your eyes and create a responsible workplace. In addition, an LED desktop lamp does not emit heat and radiation, which is good for the skin. A desktop lamp is especially suitable for better illumination during video calling, live streams or when giving presentations. Not enough space on your desk or table for a lamp? Then choose a lamp with a table clamp.

What should I pay attention to when buying an LED video light?

When purchasing video lighting, consider the following:

Light power

It is of course important how much light an LED lamp can emit. This is expressed in Lumen (lm). The Wattage (W) indicates how much energy the lamp consumes. LED lamps use less energy to achieve the same light output than other lamps such as incandescent lamps.

200-300 Lumens 300-500 Lumens 500-700 Lumens 1000-1250 Lumens 1250-2000 Lumens
2-4 Watts 3-5 Watts 5-7 watts 8-10 watts 10-13 watts

In addition, it is also important to pay attention to the number of LEDs in the lamp. More LEDs mean a higher light output.

Color temperature

To create natural light, it is important to adjust the color temperature. The color temperature of light is expressed in Kelvin (K) on a scale of 1,000 to 10,000. A low Kelvin amount means warmer light and a high Kelvin amount means colder light. The color temperature can be divided into three categories:
  • Warm white light (2,000-3,000K)
  • Neutral white light (3,000-4,500K)
  • Cool white light (4,500-6,500K)

Light color

Do you want to have the option to adjust the color of the light? Then you need an RGB video light. RGB stands for Red, Green and Blue, the three primary colors. Because the lamp uses (a mix of) these three colors, you have the option to use every color from the light spectrum. Depending on the lamp, you can change the color with a remote control, button or wheel. The VIJIM K10 RGB lamp , for example, has six rainbow modes, in which the different colors automatically change one after the other.

Battery capacity

It is useful to know how much battery your LED lamp has left before it needs to be recharged. Especially if you are on the road or have a long shoot planned. The LED lamps from our range last 1.5 to 10 hours (depending on brightness) and are usually equipped with a display showing the battery life. Ring lamps or desktop lamps do not always have an internal battery. If that is the case, use the lamp by plugging the supplied plug into the socket. If the lamp does have a battery, you can often also use a lamp while charging.

Mounting and size

Video lights can be mounted in various ways. Do you want to attach your LED lamp to your laptop during video calling? Then it is useful to buy a lamp with a suction cup or clamp. To save space on your desk, a desktop lamp with table clamp is ideal. If you want to place your LED lamp on a tripod, camera or phone holder, it is important that the lamp has a 1/4" screw hole or a cold shoe. The lamp should not be too heavy for mounting on a camera. You can read this from the weight and size, but also from the number of LEDs in the lamp. If a lamp contains more LEDs, this generally also means that the lamp is larger and heavier. An LED lamp with more than 150 LEDs is quickly too large for handheld filming with a compact camera. In that case, a Mini LED lamp is more suitable.

Which video light to buy?

Hopefully you now have a better idea of ​​which lamp creates the best video lighting for you. We understand that your choice also depends on the price and that you are curious about the reviews of others before purchasing LED video light. You can read the experiences of others with the LED lamps in our webshop.