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Are you planning to film with your phone? Then good quality sound is necessary. By using an external smartphone microphone, your videos will have better sound than using your phone's built-in microphone. Here you will find microphones for iPhone, Android and other models.

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What can you use a smartphone microphone for?

Whether you're a professional video maker, an avid vlogger or an avid podcaster, a phone microphone is an essential accessory for making clear and professional audio recordings with your smartphone.

Buy smartphone microphone

When purchasing a phone microphone, make sure you buy a microphone that reduces noise and captures voice sounds clearly and distinctly. With their simple connection, you can effortlessly connect the microphones on this page to your phone's headphone jack or via an adapter.

For example, choose a pin microphone that you can attach to your clothing or wireless microphones or sets with 1 or more transmitters to record recordings with multiple people. A directional microphone is ideal for recording sound from one side.

Why a smartphone microphone?

Thanks to the compact and portable design, phone microphones are easy to take anywhere. Whether you're on the road or filming on location, you can always count on improved sound quality with our phone microphones.

Telephone microphones are available with connections for various smartphones, such as USB-C and Apple Lightning connection. Some connect to both iOS and Android devices (with the right adapter). We offer a wide range of models and price ranges, so you can choose which one best suits your needs and budget.

Improve the sound quality of your smartphone recordings today with a telephone microphone from our webshop. Enjoy clear, professional audio recordings for all your multimedia creations.