How to create an attractive Instagram feed (with examples)

Hoe maak je een aantrekkelijke Instagram feed (met voorbeelden)

Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms in the world. With over 2 billion active monthly users, Instagram is the perfect platform to connect with your friends, famous influencers and more. Such a huge platform like Instagram also brings difficulties. For example, how do you stand out in that large sea of ​​users? How can you be unique among all the other people who want to make it on Instagram? In this blog we give you advice and examples on how to create an attractive Instagram feed to give all your followers the wow feeling!

Working from a theme

To design a good Instagram feed you need a theme. Think for yourself what you consider important parts of your content. For example, do you take a lot of photos with colorful subjects, or do you prefer minimalism? Make a note of this for yourself and try to come up with your own theme with your wish list. Are you still looking for inspiration? No problem: we have a number of examples of themes and the associated Instagram feeds below.

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Theme #1 – Black & White

Perfect for Instagram accounts about architecture and portraits. The black and white theme is a popular vintage theme in which contrasts and shapes often come into their own. Many portraits also fit well within such a feed. The biggest advantage of a black & white feed on Instagram is that it is very simple to create. You can upload your photo in color and automatically convert it to black and white with a filter within Instagram. You can also use a lamp to illuminate your photos as desired. View our range of video lighting here .

Theme #2 – Edges

An Instagram feed is a collection of square images. Unfortunately, you can't display photos at full size on your feed. But there is a handy trick to get around this. Uploading your photo with white or black borders can give the impression that there aren't just square photos on your feed. For example, use the Panorama Crop or Grid Maker app to achieve this result and see what it can do for your feed!

Theme #3 – Layout

A slightly less popular theme, but extremely interesting is the layout theme. Within this theme you already post photos spread over multiple sections of your feed. With the above apps you have the opportunity to achieve this. This theme requires good planning, because you don't want to mix different content together, making your Instagram feed look chaotic.

Theme #4 – Vertical Edges

This theme fits well with the layout theme. Organize your Instagram feed so that you have 3 different vertical lines of content from top to bottom. For example, the line on the left is always a photo, the middle line is a quote or text and the line on the right is always a video. This way you actually have three mini themes within your feed and it looks very organized and creative too!


Ultimately, the best theme for your feed is the one you come up with and like. Take inspiration from the themes above and integrate parts of them into your own personal Instagram feed. This way you really create something that is personal to you and show who you are.

If you have any questions or are looking for more inspiration, please feel free to contact us.

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