Stabilize your video images with a gimbal

Wat is een gimbal en hoe werkt het?

Imagine: you were on an epic solo trip where you decided to capture the sunrise on a mountaintop after hours of hiking, but the combination of exhaustion and excitement resulted in a video that was more vibrant than an espresso on an empty stomach. Or that time you walked through the city, determined to vlog the ultimate city tour for your friends, but your recordings made them more dizzy than a night out. And let's not forget that attempt where you wanted to capture your dog in full action, only to realize later that your film career is doomed without help.

In all these cases, a gimbal could have transformed your videos into fantastic and smooth action moments.

What is a gimbal?

A gimbal is a device that ensures that your camera, smartphone or action cam remains super stable while you walk around or move with it. The system consists of rotating shafts that ensure that the device remains balanced. This helps to reduce jerky movements and ensures smooth and professional-looking video recording, especially during movements such as walking, running or driving.

So you don't have such a steady hand or do you want slightly smoother images? Try shooting content with a gimbal.

What do you use a gimbal for?

Gimbals are often used in the film industry, but are now also popular among hobbyists, content creators and vloggers to take their videos to the next level.

You can capture action moments with it, such as during mountain biking and skateboarding. But you can also easily take it with you on holiday or on a long trip. Think of moving shots, such as walking through the city, hiking in nature or a boat trip at sea.

A gimbal can also be a nice addition for time-lapse recordings, panoramic photography or for filming yourself.

  • Use a gimbal for your cooking videos
  • Visualize your sports performance
  • Take your action shots to the next level
  • Hohem iSteady XE + XE Kit

    For those who want to discover filming with a gimbal. At 259 grams, it is the lightest 3-axis gimbal for smartphones in the world and it is foldable. Therefore ideal for on-the-go.

    • The phone holder is suitable for almost all smartphones up to 280 grams.

    • A battery life of up to 8 hours

    • Easily connect accessories such as a larger tripod, selfie stick or extension pole.

  • Hohem iSteady M6 + KIT

    For whom want to take his film recordings to the next level. Premium smartphone gimbal with OLED display and control wheel, smart AI tracking and built-in video light.

    • Suitable for smartphones with a width of 58 to 98 mm and a maximum weight of 400 grams.

    • Battery life of up to 18 hours

    • Charge your smartphone while you're recording

Stable recording in various recording styles

The Hohem gimbals have different recording styles, such as Pan Follow, Pan Tilt Follow, Lock and POV mode. With the Hohem Joy App you can expand to even more creative recordings, such as Moment Mode, Cinematic Video Templates, Auto-rotation Inception Video, Dolly Zoom, Motion Timelapse and Panoramic Video.

In addition, there is an option for Face and Object tracking. The gimbal holds a person or object in the center of the frame and tracks its movements.

What accessories can be added to a gimbal?

Of course, there are all kinds of accessories to upgrade your gimbal or optimize its ease of use.

Consider a grip handle to operate your gimbal with two hands for more comfort and control. Or connect a wireless microphone for recording vlogs, for example.

Do you have any questions about gimbals and their accessories? Please contact our customer service. They are happy to help you find the gimbal that suits you best!

View the Hohem gimbals and accessories

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