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What is a phone tripod?

A phone tripod is a tripod on which a phone can be attached. In principle, a phone can be placed on almost any tripod. A phone holder can be placed on many tripods. This allows you to easily transform almost any tripod into a phone tripod. An example of a phone holder for a tripod is: premium phone holder from MOJOGEAR . This phone holder has a ¼'' connection, which is the standard connection for tripods. This means it can be used universally to convert your tripod into a phone tripod.

Advantages of a tripod for your phone?

What exactly is the added value of using a tripod when you are taking photos or videos with your phone? The biggest advantage is that you can take sharper and more stable photos or videos. When you're filming with your phone in your hands, you make a lot of unexpected movements. This causes blurry images. Obviously you don't want this, so you can easily solve this with a telephone tripod.

In addition, you no longer have to hold your phone when you use a tripod. This can be very useful when you have to film for longer periods of time. It can be very tiring to have to hold your phone all the time. A telephone tripod can also be used to film from interesting perspectives. Some MOJOGEAR phone stands have a maximum working height of 179 cm.

Finally, with a phone tripod it is a lot easier to get yourself in the picture. You can place your smartphone on a tripod and point it at the place where you are going to stand or sit. You can even combine your phone tripod with a Bluetooth remote, allowing you to control your smartphone from a distance. This saves a lot of walking back and forth.

Different types of smartphone tripods

If you are looking for a tripod for your smartphone, there are many alternatives to choose from. There are phone tripods in different shapes, sizes and designs. Within the MOJOGEAR range we have flexible, fixed, mini and large telephone stands. Each of these mobile phone stands has a different function. That is why it is important when buying a phone tripod that you buy the right tripod for your purpose. That is why we will explain below which tripod excels in which situations. The large tripods are only available in a fixed form and the mini phone tripods can be divided into fixed and flexible tripods.

Large phone tripods

Large phone tripods excel when you want to photograph or film at a certain height and have no other place to put your camera. The large phone stands are adjustable, so you can try out many different types of perspectives. For example, with the horizontal arm of the MOJOGEAR 179 cm 3 in 1 telephone tripod. This allows you to film from above. This is ideal if you want to record a cooking or art video, for example.

A major advantage of these large tripods is that they also have a higher maximum carrying weight. So if you want to use your tripod for both your phone and camera, this is possible with a large phone tripod. You then only have to unscrew the phone holder and attach the camera to the tripod. The maximum carrying weight of most large MOJOGEAR phone tripods is around 4 kg.

Mini phone tripods

If you want to photograph or record with your phone from a table or other elevations, a mini phone tripod can be very nice. These tripods are also very compact and lightweight, making them easy to take with you when traveling. Within the mini tripods we make a distinction between flexible and fixed mini tripods.

Flexible mini tripods for phones

The big advantage of flexible mini tripods for phones is that they have bendable legs. This allows you to easily place the phone tripod on uneven terrain. It is also possible to bend these bendable legs around objects. Consider, for example, a pole or a branch. When you place a tripod on this, it provides a unique perspective, which can give your shots a nice effect. A phone holder can also easily be placed on these mini tripods. The major disadvantage of these mini tripods is that they have a lower maximum carrying weight. For example, the MG-01 from MOJOGEAR has a maximum carrying weight of 300 grams. So it cannot carry most cameras. But the MG-01, for example, can support the weight of an iPhone 15 Pro Max of 240 grams.

Fixed mini tripods for phones

Fixed mini tripods are especially sturdier than flexible mini tripods. For example, the Ulanzi MT-08 has a maximum carrying weight of 1200 grams. This would also allow you to attach a light camera to the MT-08. This makes the fixed mini tripod suitable for both telephones and smaller cameras.

iPhone tripods

Are you looking for a tripod for an iPhone? When you use a phone holder such as the premium phone holder from MOJOGEAR, you can place your iPhone on almost any tripod. This also allows you to take stable and sharp photos with your iPhone. The only thing you have to make sure is that the phone holder is suitable for your iPhone and that the tripod has a ¼" screw connection, so you can use it as an iPhone tripod.

How do you use a phone tripod?

The use of a tripod for your phone differs per tripod type. What you should definitely make sure is that you have a phone holder that fits on a tripod. If you have a phone holder and a tripod, you can screw them together.
With a large telephone tripod you will have to extend the legs. For this you can often loosen clips on the legs. When these clips are loose, you can adjust the legs to the desired height. When you have found the desired height, you can reattach the clips and your tripod is ready for use.
With a flexible mini tripod for phone, you only have to bend the legs into the desired position. With a fixed tripod it is even simpler, you just have to unfold it.

If you have any questions about telephone tripods, please contact our customer service. We are happy to help you find the best tripod for you!