Ulanzi metal cage for Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III

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Ulanzi metal cage for Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III

Ulanzi metal cage for Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III

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  • Unique design. This Ulanzi cage has been specially developed for the Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III camera
  • Protection. The cage is made of metal and offers protection for your camera.
  • Create stable images. Mount the cage on a tripod, gimbal or handle to shoot stable images with your camera.
  • Lots of space for accessories. Use the two cold shoe connections and the different 1/4" and 3/8" screw connections on all four sides to connect your favorite accessory.
  • Free connections. All buttons, connections and the battery compartment remain free once the camera is mounted in the cage.


Do you want to make stable images with your Sony A7 III (A7M3), A7 Mark IV (A7M4) or A7R III (A7R3) and connect many accessories? This Ulanzi Camera cage is a metal housing, specially developed for these three Sony models. Ideal for handheld or tripod-based shooting and for connecting many accessories. The cage protects your camera, but the buttons and connections of your Sony A7 camera remain free.

You attach the camera with the 1/4″ screw at the bottom of the cage. The Sony A7 models naturally fit perfectly in the cage. The inside of the cage contains anti-slip rubber. As a result, the camera can no longer move after confirmation.

Many connection options

With two cold shoe connections on the top, you have many options for mounting accessories such as lamps, flashes or microphones. Very useful for the Sony A7 models, which do not have an internal flash.

Do you want to use a tripod or handle? That's no problem either, for that you use one of the many 1/4″ screw connections on the four sides. Ideal for both vertical and horizontal recording. The cage also has two 3/8″ screw connections, for mounting on a tripod or gimbal.

The bottom of the cage is also an Arca Swiss quick-release plate, so you can easily attach the rig to any Arca Swiss compatible tripod. There are two strap openings at the top to attach a wrist or neck strap.

The Ulanzi cage for Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III is made of sturdy metal and protects your camera against scratches and drop damage.

Free connections

All buttons, connectors, card slot and battery compartment remain free once the camera is mounted in the Ulanzi camera cage. You can therefore continue to use your camera as you are used to, but with the option of connecting additional accessories. The battery can also be replaced while your camera is in the cage.

Please note: the camera and accessories in the photos (light, microphone, gimbal, etc.) are for illustration purposes only and are not included.


Ulanzi is a brand targeting smartphone photographers and video makers. Ulanzi develops phone holders, lenses, tripods, covers, lights and other accessories for phones, gimbals and action cams.

Specifications Ulanzi cage for Sony A7 III, A7 Mark IV and A7R III

  • Suitable for Sony A7 III (A7m3), A7 Mark IV (A7M4) and A7R III (A7M3), accessories with cold shoe or universal 1/4″ and 3/8" screw connection.
  • Material Metal, non-slip rubber
  • Colour black
  • Dimensions 16.9 x 11.9 x 6.9 cm
  • Weight 197 grams
  • Package contents Cage, Allen key
  • SKU Ulanzi 2896
  • Warranty 2 years
  • Brand Ulanzi

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Brand Ulanzi
EAN 6972436388349
SKU U-Cage-A7M4
Mounting method
  • 1/4" screw connection
  • 3/8" screw connection
  • Arca-Swiss
  • Cold shoe mount
Suitable for device
  • Mirrorless camera
  • Systeemcamera
Package contents Cage, inbussleutel
With cold shoe mount Yes
Filming vertically Ja


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