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A tripod is a great tool when photographing or filming. Thanks to a tripod, you can place your camera firmly and stably anywhere. There are tripods in many shapes and sizes, for all kinds of devices: smartphones, cameras, action cams. How do you choose a suitable tripod? We will help you with that, so read on!

When do you need a tripod?

A tripod ensures that you can position your camera or phone stably and quietly. But a tripod offers many more possibilities. For example, a tripod allows you to photograph with longer shutter speeds or with telephoto and macro lenses. A tripod is also ideal when filming. With a tripod you shoot stable images and that gives your video a more professional look.

Before choosing a suitable tripod, it is wise to consider in advance what you will mainly use the tripod for. For example, it is smart to choose a light, flexible tripod if you travel a lot. We recommend paying attention to these four things before buying the right tripod.

#1 Choose a light tripod

A tripod is a useful tool when filming and photographing. It is therefore important that it is easy to take the tripod with you. It should not become a burden due to its size or heavy weight, for example, unless you always work from a studio. We recommend choosing a light, compact tripod so that you can easily take your tripod to any location. A light tripod does not mean that the tripod is not sturdy.

In addition to the weight of the tripod itself, it is also important to pay attention to the load-bearing weight of the tripod. This is the weight that your tripod must be able to carry. Do you use a heavier camera with many accessories? Then it is important to be sure that the tripod can support this weight, so that the tripod does not fall over or become unstable.

#2 Choose the appropriate material

The material of the tripod largely determines the weight and price of a tripod. Most tripods are made of carbon, aluminum or plastic. Tripods made of carbon are very light and strong, but they do come with a high price tag.

Aluminum tripods are also fairly light, yet very strong. Aluminum tripods are a lot cheaper than carbon tripods.

If you have a small budget, you can also opt for a plastic tripod. For larger tripods, plastic is usually not sturdy enough.

#3 Flexibility

Before you purchase a tripod, it is important to find out in which situations you mainly want to use it. Do you make a lot of travel content and vlogs? Then it is useful to be able to place or attach your tripod anywhere. With a flexible tripod you can easily attach your camera, smartphone or action cam to a tree branch or fence.

If you mainly take images from a table or other surface, it is wiser to purchase a fixed tripod or table tripod. It is more difficult to place a flexible tripod completely vertically. So if you often conduct interviews, it is better to go for a tripod with fixed legs.

#4 Versatility

Consider in advance what you will use the tripod for. Are you looking for a tripod for recording all kinds of videos such as travel content, vlogs and social media content? Then a multifunctional tripod such as the Ulanzi MT-44 tripod is a good choice. You can use this tripod for both a compact camera and a smartphone. You can use this tripod as a tripod and selfie stick.


If you are looking for a tripod for making product videos, a slightly larger and heavier tripod is a better choice, such as the MOJOGEAR 3-in-1 179cm tripod. This tripod contains a horizontal arm, making it perfect for making product videos as well as top shots, tutorials and cooking videos, for example.

Also consider which equipment you want to connect to the tripod . A tripod for a camera often has a 1/4" or 3/8" screw on the quick-release plate that you can connect to your camera. So you can't just connect a GoPro or smartphone to this. To be able to connect a GoPro or phone to a tripod with this screw connection, you need aGoPro mount with screw or a phone holder. Sometimes these are included, but not always. So pay close attention to this when purchasing a tripod. View our tripod phone holders .

Do you have any questions about choosing the right tripod or about a specific tripod? Please contact us. We are happy to help you!

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