Filming underwater with your GoPro: six tips and accessories for the coolest images

Onderwater filmen met je GoPro: zes tips en accessoires voor de gaafste beelden

The GoPro is a fantastic camera for capturing all your adventures, and there is nothing that represents adventure better than exploring the underwater world. With a waterproof housing, the GoPro can be taken into the water to capture the most fantastic images. But what should you do to ensure you get the best possible underwater images? In this blog we discuss some tips and accessories that can help you create the coolest underwater images.

1. Tip #1 – Use a red filter

Underwater, colors are displayed differently, so images are often bluish or greenish. By using a red filter, the color reproduction is adjusted and the images look much more natural.

It is advisable to purchase a filter that is specially designed for the GoPro and fits your waterproof housing, so that you can be sure that it fits properly and that the images are of high quality. For example, the MOJOGEAR diving filters only fit the MOJOGEAR Waterproof housing and not the original GoPro waterproof housing.

See here an example of GoPro images without a GoPro red filter (left) and with a red filter (right).

2. Gebruik een drijvende selfiestick of bobber

Als je onder water filmt, kan het lastig zijn om de camera goed vast te houden. Door gebruik te maken van een drijvende grip, ook wel een bobber genoemd, zorg je ervoor dat de camera niet zinkt en dat je een stabielere opname krijgt. Er zijn verschillende soorten drijvende grips beschikbaar, sommige zijn eenvoudig en goedkoop, terwijl andere wat geavanceerder zijn en voorzien van extra functies zoals een polsbandje.

Bekijk Bobber

3. Use lighting

Underwater there is little light, which can make it difficult to take good pictures. Using lighting can make the difference between a mediocre and a great shot. There are different types of lighting available, from small lights to large and powerful lighting systems. It is important to choose a lighting system that suits the environment in which you are filming, and that produces enough light to enhance the recordings.

4. Keep your hands free with a GoPro mount

If you plan to do a lot of diving and filming, it may be useful to purchase a diving mask, headband or chest strap with a built-in GoPro mount. This means you don't have to always use your hands to hold the camera and you can dive and film more relaxed.

View GoPro Mount

5. Use an external microphone

Underwater, the sound that the camera records is often not very clear, because the water muffles the sound. By using an external microphone you can ensure that the sound is captured better and you get clearer and better sound in your recordings. There are several types of microphones available that are suitable for underwater use, it is important to choose a microphone that suits your recording needs.

6. Enclosures for great depths

Most modern GoPro cameras are already waterproof by themselves. Yet this is only to a certain depth and limited time. Do you dive deeper than 10 meters or do you go deep sea diving? Then a waterproof GoPro housing is indispensable. For example, take a look at the MOJOGEAR waterproof case for GoPro Hero 9 and newer , also available in a complete set with diving filters, screen protector, silicone protective cover and storage case .

View waterproof GoPro housing


If you want to film or photograph underwater, there are various accessories and tips you can use to improve the quality of your images. Using a red filter, bobber, lighting, GoPro mount and an external microphone can all help create great underwater footage. Don't forget to experiment and play with the different settings and accessories to find what works best for your recordings. With a little practice and the right tools, you can capture amazing underwater images that you can cherish forever and share with others.

With the above tips you will definitely take your content to the next level! Do you have any questions about GoPro cameras and accessories? Please feel free to contact us via our contact page !

After reading this article, do you still have questions about the GoPro Hero 12 Black or do you want advice about which accessories can help you capture the coolest GoPro adventures? Please feel free to contact us , we will be happy to help you.

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