4 tips for sharper photos with your camera

4 tips voor scherpere foto's met je camera
Do you ever have trouble taking sharp photos with your camera? Or do your photos look blurry? No problem, with these 4 tips you will take sharper photos in no time.
  1. Provide warm, comfortable clothing
  2. Use a tripod
  3. Use the different settings of your camera
  4. Edit your photo

#1 Wear warm, comfortable clothing

Photography early in the morning or in the cold winter months already poses enough challenges. Make sure you are dressed warmly, the colder your body temperature the more you will vibrate, resulting in less sharp photos. Also read our blog aboutsmartphone photography in the cold.

#2 Use a tripod

Place your camera on a tripod to reduce movement in your photo. Ideal for photographing landscapes, nature or architecture, for example. Wondering which tripod is most suitable for you? Read our 4 tips when choosing a tripod.

#3 Use the different settings of your camera

You can adjust various settings in the menu of most cameras. Here is a brief explanation of each setting and what influence it has on the sharpness of photos:

    • ISO – Determines how sensitive your smartphone camera is to light. The higher the number, the more light, but also more noise. For the highest sharpness, keep the ISO value as low as possible.
    • Shutter speed – This is the time a shutter remains open to collect light and take a photo. Basically, a shutter works with values ​​such as 1/ 200th or 1/ 10th . The larger the number to the right of the 1, the shorter the shutter stays open and the less movement there is in your photo.
    • Aperture – The size of the opening between the lens and the camera. If the aperture is a high value, the lens lets in less light for your photo, but the photo is often sharper.

When used in combination with a tripod, we recommend the following settings as a starting point, adjust these for your own situation:

    • ISO –400
    • Shutter speed – 1/200 e
    • Aperture – f/2.8 or higher

#4 Edit your photo

Many post-processing programs for the computer such as Lightroom, and apps for your smartphone such as Snapseed have a sharpness or texture function. Look for the slider in your program or app and drag the value up. Please note: use this sharpness slider in moderation because you don't want your photo to look unnatural!

Hopefully the tips above will ensure that your photos will never be blurry again! Do you have any questions about sharpness and/or settings of photography? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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