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A camera microphone is indispensable for making video recordings with good sound quality. An external microphone has a greater frequency range and directivity than a built-in camera microphone. Here you will find camera microphones for different applications.

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A camera microphone is, as the name suggests, specially designed to work together with a camera or camcorder, allowing you to immediately record excellent sound while filming. Through advanced technology and directionality, the microphone ensures that the desired sound is captured and unwanted ambient noise is reduced. This results in professional audio quality and better immersion for the viewer.

When we talk about a camera microphone, we are usually talking about a directional microphone . A directional microphone records sound from one side and filters out ambient noise. Other options include a tie clip microphone or wireless microphone set that you can connect to your camera.

The installation and operation of a camera microphone is quite simple. You can easily attach most microphones to the cold-shoe holder (hot shoe) of your camera or to a cold shoe mount. Most camera microphones also have a 1/4 inch screw so that you can also attach the microphone to a camera tripod or tripod accessory such as a cold shoe bracket.

Camera microphones are ideal for vlogging, documentaries or professional video recording. Improve the overall quality of your videos and let your audience enjoy clear dialogue, accurate sound effects and professional audio.

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