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Do you want to visualize your wonderful cycling adventures? This is possible with our various bicycle accessories for photos and videos. We have accessories for normal city bikes, racing bikes and mountain bikes. Our range includes several GoPro mounts, but also clamps for bicycles.

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Bicycle accessories

Are you looking for different bicycle accessories? At MOJOGEAR we have all kinds of products that can improve your cycling adventures. MOJOGEAR focuses on mobile and video accessories. Consider, for example, a GoPro mount for your bicycle. With these bicycle accessories you can easily capture the most beautiful moments of your cycling route. From beautiful climbing in the Alps to a fun cycling tour in the city, we have the bicycle accessories that suit this.

Different types of bicycle accessories

At MOJOGEAR we have various bicycle gadgets that can help you record your bike ride. All our bicycle gadgets are aimed at recording your cycling routes. So if you would like to look back on your adventures or possibly improve your technique by seeing yourself again, we have the stuff for you.

Bicycle clamps

If you want to attach a GoPro or other device to your bike, you will need a GoPro mount . You can choose to do this with a bicycle clamp. You can attach a bicycle clamp to your handlebars, front fork, seat post or somewhere else on your frame. This allows you to shoot unique images while cycling. For example, by filming next to your wheel, by attaching a bicycle clamp to your front fork. This can, for example, produce beautiful images during an exciting descent. You can tighten the clamps tightly, so you don't have to worry about them falling off while cycling. That is why these clamps are also ideal for use during mountain biking or gravel biking.

GoPro Body Mounts

If you prefer not to attach a GoPro or other device to your bicycle, you can also choose to use a GoPro body mount. This allows you to attach the GoPro to yourself, which can also offer a unique perspective during your cycling route. For example, we have a head and chest mount set . This allows you to wear a GoPro on your helmet or on your chest. You can attach a GoPro to this, but also a smartphone. We also have a neck mount. This is a kind of necklace that hangs around your neck, to which a GoPro or smartphone can also be attached. This mount gives a similar perspective to the chest mount.

Stick mount

Another bicycle accessory in our range is the adhesive mount. This is a GoPro mount that comes with a double-sided adhesive piece. This allows you to easily attach a GoPro or other accessory to all kinds of adhesives. This adhesive mount comes in curved and straight variants. This allows you to attach a mount to almost any surface of your bicycle. In addition, you can also easily remove this bicycle accessory from your bicycle. You can blow warm air on the adhesive strip with a hairdryer, causing it to come off automatically. This makes it an excellent mountain bike and cycling accessory. Of course you can also use this bicycle accessory to make recordings on your city bike.

Racing bike accessories

Are you planning to cycle beautiful tours in the Alps and do you want to capture them as sharply and stably as possible? Then you can use different cycling accessories to achieve this. Of course, you don't want these accessories to catch too much wind or be too heavy, because that would slow you down. That is why it is important that the accessories are light and compact. For example, you could use the Ulanzi MP-5 Bicycle Mount . This is a compact bicycle clamp that you can attach to your handlebars or frame. The bicycle clamp also weighs only 216 grams, so you will hardly notice the difference. This allows you to cycle without restrictions and take excellent recordings at the same time.

Mountain bike accessories

If you want to record your mountain bike routes, it is important that the GoPro, smartphone or other bicycle accessories do not fall off while cycling. When mountain biking you will probably cycle on bumpy terrain. This means that the bicycle mount must be able to withstand vibrations. The chest and head mount from Ulanzi offer an excellent solution for this. These mounts have an elastic band around your body or head. You can adjust the tension so that it is always tight enough so that the mount can withstand vibrations. The other bicycle accessories will also be suitable as MTB accessories, but the other accessories can sometimes protrude a little more, which can be very inconvenient in sharp turns while mountain biking.