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Anne Marie Hazenberg is a passionate photographer & videographer and entrepreneur, active in business and in particular in the world of horses (sports).

Her moto is: video touches the viewer's emotions, so tell your story with video. And that really doesn't have to cost much, it can all be done with your smartphone, a good tripod and a good wireless microphone.

Her knowledge led to the founding ofNewMediaBrainswith the aim of transferring her knowledge about the online profession & technology to the business community.

Working background:

  • Since 1986 in Photography
  • Since 1995 in ICT
  • Since 2006 at TV (NOB – Dutchview webcasting Hilversum)

This combination also means that she masters all the necessary disciplines at the highest level. And has the right ingredients for the Smartphone Video training that are needed to transfer the skills.

Because that is what she enjoys most, taking the student on a video adventure and learning how easily and quickly you can make catchy videos yourself. Having gadgets is not the primary goal. But sometimes it can help enormously to make faster & better recordings. Advice from Anne Marie; Avoid carrying a huge bag full of stuff, but keep your equipment lean & mean. View her list of favorite tools here that help you make beautiful recordings just a little more comfortably.

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