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Mount your tablet on a tripod with a tablet holder from MOJOGEAR. All tablet holders have a 1/4 inch screw hole to quickly and easily mount the tablet holder on a tripod.

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A tablet holder is the solution for anyone who wants to use their tablet optimally on a tripod in different situations. Whether for taking professional photos and videos, giving a presentation or simply enjoying your favorite films and series hands-free, a tablet holder on a tripod offers the ultimate in ease of use.

With a tablet holder for a tripod you have full control over your tablet, wherever you are. Imagine that you are on the road and you want to take a nice photo with your tablet. With a tablet holder you can easily mount your tablet on a tripod, so that you can capture stable images. Most holders have a 1/4 inch screw hole that allows you to attach the holder to your tripod in no time. We also offer the single holders in combination with a table tripod.

With us you will find the most useful tripod tablet holders. Our holders are compatible with various tablet models and provide stability and flexibility. Most tablet holders also have a cold shoe mount for attaching a microphone or video light to take the quality of your video to the next level.

View our tablet holders above and experience the convenience and versatility that a tablet holder offers for your iPad on a tripod. Discover our extensive range today and order your tablet holder tripod, so that you can immediately enjoy the many benefits it brings.